Casting on is the first step to starting any knitting project. There are many different ways to cast on, in this video we'll be showing you how to cast on in the English knitting style, with a form of cable cast on, which gives a decorative lace effect edge.

Prefer images to video? We also have a step by step guide to casting on below.

  • Learn to knit - how to cast on

    STEP 1

    Start by creating a slip knot; create a loop with your yarn, pinch the long length of yarn through the loop with your fingers. While holding the short end, pull the yarn length through. Pop this slip knot onto your left needle, pull the yarn taught.

  • Learn to knit - how to cast on

    STEP 2

    Take your right hand needle and slide it through the middle of the stitch thats on your left needle, do this in an upwards direction, with the right hand needle behind the left hand needle.

  • Learn to knit - how to cast on

    STEP 3

    Take the working yarn in your right hand and wrap around the back of your right hand needle (anti-clockwise) pulling it back down towards you in between the middle of both needles.

  • STEP 4

    Using your right needle, pivot the needle downwards to scoop the yarn you just wrapped around through the original stitch loop on your left needle, pull towards you slightly in a downward direction to create a loose loop.

  • STEP 5

    Straighten you needles up next to each other (with this new loop still on your right needle) then pop the loop from your right needle onto your left needle, you can now remove your right needle. Tighten slightly, to create your new stitch

  • STEP 6

    Repeat these steps using the last stitch on your left needle to create more new stitches. Create as many cast on stitches as your pattern requires