I'm Sam! The maker, creator and chief operator behind That Crafty Stitch. I launched my business baby after re-learning how to knit (post taking a brief 20 year hiatus) and realising there was a gap in the market for beginner focussed knitting kits, patterns and tutorials.
I re-connected with knitting during a time when I struggled with my mental health, the therapeutic rhythm of knitting helped me to focus on what I was doing with my hands instead of worrying about things outside of my control going on in my head. My mission is to spark creativity and share the joy of knitting with as many people as possible.
That Crafty Stitch. Est. 2020

My business baby was founded in October 2020 and was created to help people like you discover a new type of mindfulness, one that can go wherever you go. I am on a mission to share the joy and benefits of being creative through my kits, tutorials and craft supplies. My beginner led kits walk you through stitch by stitch, so you don’t need to worry about unravelling in the process.

Having learnt first hand, I know the relief and positive impact that creativity can have on our mental health, through focussing the mind and keeping our hands busy we instill mindfulness and can even release serotonin. I hope that through sharing a love of knitting I can help people improve their mental health by tapping into their creativity, discovering their favourite crafts and going onto share this information with others. 

I specialise in knit kits, craft kits, tutorials and craft supplies, all aimed at absolute beginners, designed with learning in mind and accessible to as many as possible. We operate from our website have many beginner friendly tutorials on our YouTube channel ‘That Crafty Stitch’ and tonnes of inspo across our socials channels - come follow us!

Striped blanket

It has been proven that rhythmic crafts such as knitting, crochet, macrame, weaving and so many more help to release serotonin through the neuro transmitters in our brains. This is the chemical known as ‘the feel good’ hormone. Serotonin helps to stabilise our mood, supports effective digestion, helps aid sleep, helps us learn and also supports cognitive memory. Wow! Not only that but when you get asked in the street “where did you get your (insert stunning totally incredible hand made product here)” you get the ultimate satisfaction of saying “I MADE IT!” what an absolute flex!

Two women both wearing a purple and lilac bobble hat lookin at each other

So if you’re a newbie knitter or just making your way into the facinating world of crafts… welcome! The crafty community is one of the friendliest there is, ion you're local why not come along to one of our Yarn Addicts Anonymous evenings. I’d love you to share your journey into crafting with me, so tag away or slide into my DM’s and show me your current WIPs (work in progress).


Sam x