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Knitting Needles For Beginners To Learn To Knit With

Learn To knit With These Knitting Needles...

Knitting has become incredibly popular over the last few years with the Covid pandemic acting as the catalyst people needed to get back into crafting and re-discover their creative side. Not to mention the outstanding mental health benefits people can experience through knitting, as a way of finding a mindful moment to yourself and learning something new. 

It goes without saying you need knitting needles to knit! So let's discuss which knitting needles are the best and easiest to learn with. As a beginner one of the first decisions you'll make is choosing the right knitting needles. It can be a completely different experience depending on the knitting needle you go for. In this blog we'll explore why chunky wooden knitting needles take the lead when it comes to comfort, ease and experience.

15mm Beech knitting needles uk

15mm beech wood short knitting needles

1. 🤲🏼 Gentle on your hands:

Knitting should be a joy, not a strain. Wooden needles, like our 15mm straight beech ones featured above, are known for their lightweight and smooth materials. They provide a comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue which allows you to knit for longer without discomfort. As someone who personally suffers with arthritis I have found that wooden needles are the most supportive, plastic needles can stick to the yarn where as the yarn comes flying off metal needles!

10mm bamboo knitting needles uk

10mm Short Bamboo Knitting Needles

2. 🧶 Chunky and funky:

Another common theme for beginner knitters is bigger is better! Chunky needles and chunky yarn make it much easier to see what you are doing and how the stitch are really coming together. Start with too fine a knitting needle and you may get frustrated that you're not making the progress you'd hoped for. We would recommend a 10mm size, similar to our 10mm bamboo straight knitting needles featured above.

15mm circular wooden knitting needles

15mm beech wood circular knitting needles

3. 🌍 Eco-friendly options:

Embrace sustainable knitting with a renewal material; wood. Knitting needles like our bamboo and beech wood ones allow you to be mindful of the environment as well as create beautiful pieces. 

You'll likely try lots of different types of knitting needles throughout your knitting journey, however we always advise wooden knitting needles is the best place to start for beginners then find your preferred style once you're a confident knitter. ready to take the plunge? Explore our knitting needle collection here.

Happy knitting! 😄

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