Let's talk about yarn baby!

Let's talk about yarn baby!

Super Chunky Squishy Yarn

If there's one thing that a knitter or crocheter can't live without its yarn! Chunky yarn, chenille yarn, skinny yarn, natural yarn, textured yarn... yes its an addiction! Some of us hide it and some of us embrace the yarn stash taking up more space than our wardrobes, the struggle is real and to be honest we're totally here for it!

So we thought we would take some time to introduce you to our yarn range and temp you into growing that stash just a little bit more. 

'The Squishy One' - A super chunky chenille yarn

Our best seller by far and there's so many reasons why, let's talk you through some of them. Ask any of our 'Squishy One' customers and they will all tell you the same, the quality is top tier and this is the main reason they come back for more and more. This yarn is a super chunky weight, it measures 7mm in width and in each 100g ball there's approximately 68 metres of length. You can use 8-10mm knitting needles and its also washable on a 30 degree short spin cycle too!

Its a chenille yarn meaning its seriously soft and feels luxurious to touch, some chenille yarns are filled with knot joins, but not ours, I am yet to find one in the yarn I've worked with. Its perfect for both knitting and crochet and with an Oeko-Tex 100 certification you can feel confident using it for all sorts of different projects. The colour range is another reason our customers keep coming back for more, we currently stock 21 gorgeous colour ways so there's plenty to choose from. With a top secret yarn subscription in the works there might be some limited edition colours on their way, but we couldn't possible confirm!

The Chunky One - A Super Chunky Acrylic Yarn

The Chunky One Super Chunky Acrylic yarn

Closely nipping on the heels of The Squishy One, is our super chunky acrylic yarn; The Chunky One. Another firm favourite with our customers, its perfect for knitting up everything from scarves to cardigans, hats to blankets and more! It's this versatility that is one of the key selling points for sure. This super chunky yarn is ideal for beginner knitters, due to its chunkiness and ease of use, you can really see the stitches forming making it easier to correct any mistakes. Plus its washable on a 30 degree short spin cycle, meaning your much loved pieces will last for longer! There's 80 metres in each 100g ball of yarn and you can use 8-12mm knitting needles with it. It's available in 18 gorgeous colours, so we have something for everyone. This yarn features in most of our beginner knitting kits because it's just so perfect for learning to knit with.

The Merino One - Super Chunky 100% Merino Wool

Super Chunky Merino Wool UK

Last but my no means least is our Super Chunky 100% Merino Wool , perfect for those who want to work with a luxury natural fibre. This wool comes from the happiest sheep in South Africa and South America and our sheep are non-mulsed making for a better quality of life and no cruelty. This natural fibre is suitable for knitting on 8-12mm needles, there's 65 metres in each 100g ball and what's more because its a natural fibre its biodegradable! Merino wool is temperature regulating meaning it will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter - clever right! If you're after something a little bit special this is the yarn for you.

Super Chunky Chenille Yarn

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