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10 Badass Tips For First Time Knitters

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Listen up, learners! Knitting is not just your grandma's hobby—it's a fierce and fabulous craft that lets you unleash your inner badass. If you're new to the gang, don't worry, we've got your back. Here are ten kickass tips to rock your knitting journey like a boss!

1. Start with the Basics: Alright, babes, let's kick things off with some simple knitting projects that'll make you feel like a boss. First off master casting on, casting off and the knit stitch like the knitting queen you are, before nailing the purl stitch to become a purling pro. Once you've conquered these stitch techniques, you’ve got the knitting world under your thumb, from now on basically every project is a combination of these methods! Brace yourself… ‘me made’ knitwear wardrobe inbound. 

15mm beech wood knitting needle on top of pink knitted fabric

2. Choose The Right Needles: When it comes to materials, we want them to ooze confidence, we want em chunky, we want em smooth and we want some good grip girlies! Pick a wooden lightweight needle like a bamboo or beech wood knitting needle, these are perfect for you beginner babes.

3. Yarn That Speaks To Your Soul: Now lets play like Cilla Black and match make those chunky needles with some equally chunky yarn, in fact lets level that up to a super chunky yarn. We don’t want to be splitting strands so go for a 2-ply or more while you’re mastering your new stitch skills. 

Super chunky merino wool

4. Take Your Sweet Time: Knitting is all about finding your own rhythm. Embrace the power of slow stitching. We're not in a hurry here—each stitch is progress. So, grab your favorite drink, put on some killer tunes, and enjoy the process like the queen you are.

5. Keep That Tension Sassy And Strong: Knit your stitches with attitude, girl. Show off that perfect tension, like a little knitting Goldilocks, not too tight, not too loose, keep them juuuuuust right! We don't do wimpy stitches, only strong and sassy ones, own that tension gurl!

6. Unleash Those Online Resources: The internet is our secret weapon, so lets use it! Why not explore our YouTube channel, website learning hub or link up with our badass knitting community. There's a world of crafty inspiration out there and a whole crafty squad ready to cheer you on!

Girl wearing a blue knitted scarf and hat with a lime green jumper on

7. Start with Killer Small Projects: Boss babes like us know that starting small doesn't mean playing it safe. Let's tackle those small projects like the warriors we are. Scarves, headbands and hats—they're just the beginning of our knitting empire. Watch out, world! We’re coming! Our ‘Knitting Newbie’ level beginner knit kits are perfect for this!

8. Embrace Mistakes and Turn Them Into Triumphs: No need to be perfect, sis. Mistakes are simply opportunities for slick comebacks. When you stumble, own it. Rip out those stitches with pride and try again. We learn, grow, and evolve through every knitting mishap, after all those mistakes are how we all learn!

Group of girls learning how to knit

9. Have a Blast and Stay Fearless: Knitting is our therapy and we're here to embrace it, take it wherever we go and share it with others. Enjoy the joy, the creativity, and the mindfulness knitting brings. Celebrate and share every creation and never doubt your badass abilities.

10. Join your local knitting group: Team up with like minded people and share your purls of wisdom! Build your confidence by sharing your experiences, asking others for help and showing off your latest WIP's.

Alright knit squad, now you’re armed with our ten badass tips to kickstart your knitting journey, we can’t wait to see how you evolve into a purling pro! Keep your stress levels low, your satisfaction levels soaring, your anxiety squashed and your confidence roaring as you take on the world one stitch at a time. Let's show the world that knitting is a girl gang game!

Sam x



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